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About Us : Nitai Technology

Nitai Technology, a web development company, is a pool of skilled professionals. Providing offshore services is our specialty so we have gathered the talented and experienced professionals to work in team for providing ultimate web services. Many professional talents are working collectively having great flexibility to twist themselves according to dissimilar challenging projects using cutting edge technologies. We are organized ourselves not to ease our work but for our clients and the complex business environment that requires professional talent with sufficient experience to provide ultimate solutions.

Who are we?

We are pleased to introduce Nitai Technilogy, a New Delhi, India based Web Solution provider, which has grown steadily over the years, by sheer dint of our Strong Commitment towards Quality securing us a privileged position in the fast evolving market. Nitai Technilogy is constituted by a team of qualified IT professionals with an artistic bent of mind, dedicated in optimising resources and efforts to ensure best possible services.

Nitai Technilogy like to introduce ourselves as consultants and is desirous of working with esteemed organization, in the field of

  1. Web Design and E-Commerce Solutions.
  2. Web Portals and Online Internet Application development
  3. Windows application development
  4. Intranet and Internet application development
  5. Graphic Designing and Multimedia presentation at an affordable costs.
  6. Mobile Application/ Apps Development

As we all know, today, the world is based on cyber reality and for a business having a cyber space is imperative, not just to beat the competition but to survive. Thus, in today's world Internet is an influential tool that cannot be ignored in any case because there has never been a venue of this magnitude to reach so many potential customers in the history of mankind.

Having your own Web solutions can not only help you to sell your products and services but it will drastically alter human behavior when people sell, buy, communicate and retrieve information with so many opportunities on a global platform where more than 500 million people at a time are surfing and number is growing every passing day with unprecedented rate.

Thus, to reap the benefits, you need a Web solution. Your web portal should be an asset and business tool, which works in harmony with your current infrastructure.

We have well experienc staff having equipped with management & other professionals qualification, Which add the good amount of repo to the organization.

Our clients