Terms of Services


Quotations are valid for 14 days and are non-binding. Pricing is subject to change upon the full scope of the project.

Project Scope

Prior to the commencement of work, all projects will be fully scoped and a list of duties created. A contract, or Web Work Agreement, will be drawn accordingly. Should the scope exceed the initial quotation, Simple Site Services will submit a quotation for approval before proceeding.


Initial deposit is required before work on the web project begins. The balance is to be paid on completion and acceptance by the client and prior to making the website accessible to the public.

Additional Fees

If the quantity of materials delivered by the client exceed the number of agreed upon pages, or if programming differs from the duties specified in the Web Work Agreement, additional fees may apply. Moreover, the client will reimburse Simple Site Services for expenses of production not included in the Web Work Agreement. These fees will be invoiced after the completion of the web project.


Clients may elect to receive email, fax, or hard copy invoices. Payment is due on invoicing.

Project Materials

All materials required for the production of the project that are not included in the Web Work Agreement will be provided by the client. These include copy, photographs, digital media, and logos. Materials will be delivered in electronic format for PC, or additional fees may incur for typing, scanning, and file conversion. Copy provided will be proofread and edited. Simple Site Services is not responsible for proofreading and editing of materials provided by the client.